Calgary Herald Article: Legacy of Social Justice Award for Late Jack Layton

CALGARY – It should come as no surprise Jack Layton was a big fan of St. Patrick’s Day. “He loved to party,” said his widow, MP Olivia Chow, “He probably would have brought out his guitar and either sang or danced.” It’s only fitting then that the former NDP leader would be honoured on St. Paddy’s Day by the University of Calgary Social Work department.

“It’s very sweet, very touching,” Chow said. “He would have loved it.” Layton, who passed away in August after a battle with cancer although his family hasn’t released the type, was given the sixth annual Legacy of Social Justice Award Saturday morning at a ceremony.

“Over 20 years ago, while he was a city councillor in Toronto, he worked on issues like a bikeable city, a smoke-free city, a city that had affordable housing. a city that looked after people with HIV and AIDS,” said Mary Valentich, professor emerita of social work at the U of C.

“All of these issues are important to us so that’s why we gave him an award.”

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