From the charismatic new leader of the federal NDP comes this practical handbook for all Canadians. No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, Speaking Out: Ideas That Work for Canadians offers practical solutions to key challenges—from the erosion of health care and public education to the threat to our environment and the independence of our economy. What kind of life does Canada offer its 32 million inhabitants? And perhaps, more importantly, what promise does it hold for future generations of Canadians? Jack Layton brings theory to life by drawing on his hands-on experience in politics and community work to tackle key economic, environmental, and health issues. A call to action, this short book will inspire Canadians across the country to become more involved in their communities, and to embrace new solutions to old problems. In Speaking Out, Jack Layton offers a new vision for Canada, a vision that introduces the best and most exciting ideas available today. By working together, Canadians can build a vibrant economy that protects the environment, and a just society that provides equality and services to all the people who call Canada home.(March 2004)