Jack Layton Honoured with Special Tribute on Toronto’s Waterfront

August 23, 2013

TORONTO – The great thing about the tandem bicycle: together you are stronger, you’re faster. You move forward like a community. And moving forward together – that’s what Jack Layton was all about. So it’s only fitting that the new memorial at the waterfront shows him on a tandem.

On the second anniversary of Jack’s passing, the late NDP leader was honoured with the unveiling of the Jack Layton memorial and the official naming of the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. A large crowed estimate to be around one thousand joined Olivia Chow and City of Toronto representatives and other dignitaries for the momentous occasion.

David Pelletier, Toronto Island resident, sculpted the new Jack Layton memorial that was made possible by donations from OFL members and other organized labour groups.

Olivia Chow thanks everyone who came out for this truly special tribute to Jack. Watch her and Councillor Mike Layton’s remarks.

Video on CTV News

Photo credit: Gregory Bennett